Books for Boys – You Wouldn’t Want To…


I don’t like to call books “boy books” or “girl books.” But the reality is there are books most boys aren’t interested in reading… Fancy Nancy, Disney Princesses and Barbie to name a few.  On the contrary, I’ve rarely found a book that a girl is unwilling to try because it’s a “boy book.”  Use this week’s posts to find a perfect book for those hard to buy for boys.

The “You Wouldn’t Want To Be Series” is on my top pick of books for elementary school boys this year.  I don’t know one boy who wouldn’t be interested in at least one of the titles.  Books range from You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy  to You Wouldn’t Want to Be On Apollo 13.

I read a few myself.  Actually, twelve.  I had no idea “Typhoid Mary” lived in the United States.  For some reason, I thought she lived in England.  I assumed she had typhoid.  She didn’t.  Instead, she was a carrier of the bacteria.

The Twelve Titles I Read and Why I Don’t Want to

Be a Chicago Gangster – Too Many Mean Men
Be a Civil War Soldier –  Too Many Guns
Be a Secret Agent During World War II – Too Much Training
Be a Slave in Ancient Greece – Too Back Breaking
Be an American Colonist – Too Hungry
Be an Aztec Sacrifice – Too Much Blood
Be at the Boston Tea Party – Too Many Chances to be Tarred and Feathered
Be on the First Flying Machine – Too Many Crashes
Meet a Body Snatcher –  Too Creepy
Explore With Lewis and Clark – T00 Cold
Meet Typhoid Mary – Too Dangerous
Work on the Hoover Damn – Too Much Dynamite

There are many more titles available at  I plan to read all of them.  Not sure how ML feels about them yet.