Books for Boys – Who Was and Who Is?


When I returned to the library world, older elementary boys would approach me for two specific series…  Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Who Was  I hadn’t been completely under a rock… I knew about Diary of a Wimpy Kid. However, the Who Was series was a mystery to me.  These boys brought me up to speed.  This fall at the school book fair, ML’s media specialist told me they are especially liked by boys who are reluctant to read.

I can see why… interspersed with the text are black and white illustrations.  For example, the Who Was Abraham Lincoln includes pen and ink drawings of both the inside and outside of a log cabin, Lincoln studying on the cabin floor, helping to sail river boats, his tall hat for a tall man and his legs falling over the end of the bed.  A timeline and bibliography of books and websites is provided.  At 104 pages, it meets that difficult assignment of reading a biography for kids over one hundred pages long.

My hat goes off to whoever created this series.  The bobble-head looking covers make it an easy sale.  Over 70 titles make it easy to find a person that interests each reader.