ML Can’t Stop. I mean Tommy Can’t Stop

Tommy Can't Stop

Rumor has it ML’s teacher recently needed to remind her no dancing around the classroom.  I understand her teacher’s frustration.  Since ML started ballet class in January, she’s been pirouetting everywhere…the house, the yard, the grocery store.  Even on the soccer field.  She joined a team this spring and brings extra flair to the field.

Tommy Can’t Stop! by Tim Federle and illustrated by Mark Fearing arrived last week.  It’s a humorous picture book about a family trying to tire out Tommy, the bopping, pogo-sticking, elephant clomping whirlwind sensation who has over-taken their house.  After a few false starts, they find the perfect fit for Tommy’s moves… tap dancing.

ML’s still boycotting picture books; but I might be able to slip this one in.  After all, last week she asked if she could try a different type of dance in a few years.  Tap or hip hop?  Plus, Mike Fearing wrote and illustrated her favorite picture book of 2014, The Great Thanksgiving Escape.