Surprise – The Perfect Book to Read on Mother’s Day


Last night ML pulled out the book Surprise by Mies Van Hout from the stack of new picture books I checked out this past week.  A perfect choice for Mother’s Day.  Each page spread includes a page with one word.  The other page includes a black background with bright pastel, child-like illustrations of baby birds and their parents.

Many aspects of parenting are covered… yearning, hoping, expecting, marveling, caring, comforting, cherishing, teasing, enjoying, listening, encouraging,  and letting go.

ML received pastels from Santa.  I put them away for outside use and forgot about them this cold winter.  It’s time to purchase some black paper and see what surprises ML creates with her pastels.  After all part of ML’s Mother’s Day card said, “I love making art for you and you love me doing it.”