The Three Questions

Three Questions

Mom would be so proud. I said, “No, I have too much on my plate to be room parent. When asked for ideas of who might be wiling to do it, I suggested asking a DAD. I said, “All the moms I know in the class plates are overflowing.”  Later in the day, I read the book The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth.  Every mom I know needs to sit down and read this book.  Then, read it to their child.  Then, discuss the three questions “When is the best time to do things?  Who is the most important one?  What is the right thing to do?”

As the crazy holiday season approaches, I’ve decided to live in the present.  Every year, since ML was tiny we’ve tried to go Christmas Caroling with friends.  When she was younger, it was spur of the moment.  As she grew, I tried to turn it into a party.  For the past three years, it’s been cancelled due to sickness or pouring rain.  This year, I’m not putting a plan in place.  This doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.  It might if the weather is good, everyone at our house is well and the stars align.  If they do, I’ll send you a last minute text.

If you have not discovered Jon J. Muth, you should.  He writes and illustrates wise books.  His version of Stone Soup is one of my favorites.

Stone Soup