Back to School – First Grade


I can’t believe summer is almost over and the first day of first grade is approaching.

I confess. . . We didn’t read enough and hardly practiced math or writing at all. ML’s reading, math and writing skills may show some summer slide. But her science, physical fitness, meeting new friends, working together as a group and dramatic skills have flourished. Thank You Camp Skyline at the Alexander Family YMCA and Raleigh Little Theatre.

Last spring they had Fly Up Day at ML’s school. The kindergarteners visited the first grade rooms and teachers. Recently, ML pointed to a book I brought home excitedly, “Ms. Young read that book to us on Fly Up Day.” It was First Grade, Here I Come by Nancy Carlson

Ready or Not? Here she comes. . .

Minerva Louise


Minerva Louise is an adventurous chicken. Just like ML. Actually, ML isn’t a chicken, but she is always ready for an adventure. It’s hard to pick ML’s favorite book in the series. She loves them all.

Last summer, before the first day of kindergarten, I read ML Minerva Louise at School. It was a fun way to get ready for the changes from preschool to elementary school. My personal favorite is A Hat for Minerva Louise.

We celebrate the holidays with Minerva Louise. Her holiday books include: Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs, Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve and Minerva Louise on Halloween.

We love these books because they are funny. “L” stands for Louise, so they are extra funny for ML.