I’m On My Own – Twenty Picture Book Arrivals

Looks like I’m on my own for a bit with picture books.  ML wants us to read chapter books together.  I thought I could sneak a few picture books into our bedtime reading.  It didn’t work, she’s adamant.  We’ve decided to start the first Harry Potter book.

So I’m on my own until I convince her that picture books are great for every age.  In twenty words or less, I’m sharing my favorite part of the following seventeen??? picture books

Little Red's Riding Hood

Little Red’s Riding Hood by Peter Stein and illustrated by Chris Gall – “Why, Granny!  What a big GRILLE you have!”

Yeti and the Bird

Yeti and the Bird by Nadia Shireen – Worm Jam


Hoot Owl

Hoot Owl:  Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor and illustrated Jean Jullien – Pay attention to the eyes.

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect by David Elliott and illustrated by Sam Zuppardi – “This is my room before I clean it.  This is my room after I clean it.”

Backwards Birthday

The Backwards Birthday Party by Tom Chapin and John Forster and illustrated by Chuck Groenink – “We blindfolded the donkey, and he pinned the tail on us.”

You Are Not Small

You Are (Not) Small by Anna Kang and illustrated by Christopher Weyant – I loved the big gray-green, hairy monster leg and the parachuting pink monsters.

No, Silly

No, Silly! by Ken Krug – “I like to sleep on cookies.”


Glamourpuss by Sarah Weeks and illustrated by David Small – The cat says “ME” and the dog says “WOW.”

Little Puffin's First Flight

Little Puffin’s First Flight by Jonathan London and illustrated by Jon Van Zyle “a puffling will eats as many as 2,000 fish in its first six weeks of life.”

Big Tractor

Big Tractor by Nathan Clement – A unique book about seasons sharing the life of a farmer and various farm equipment used throughout the year.

You Nest Here

You Nest Here With Me by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple and illustrated by Melissa Sweet – Who knew cowbirds don’t make nests? “the uninvited guest, Leaves her egg in a foster nest”

I Don't Want to Be a Frog

I Don’t Want to Be a Frog by Dev Petty and illustrated by Mike Boldt – “You are a Wet, Slimy, Bug-Eating very luck Frog.”


In by Nikki McClure – Don’t miss the Owl Guide at the end of the book.


Counting Crows

Counting Crows by Kathi Appelt and illustrated by Rob Dunlavey – Fun words throughout the book. . . by jango, smackers, grackle, yeppers.  Who knew crows could look so delightful?

My Pen

My Pen by Christopher Myers – A book celebrating drawing in creative illustrations and words.  “My pen tap-dances on the sky.”

Nana in the City

Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo – “I felt brave in my cape.”  what a great line.

Room for Bear

Room for Bear by Ciara Gavin – I love Bear’s problem solving and the “Eat Quack Love” sign in his den.

Little Bird Takes a Bath

Little Bird Takes a Bath by Marisabina Russo – I broke out in song throughout the book, “Rain, Rain Go Away” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and many other classics.


P. Zonka Lays an Egg by Julie Paschkis -I love this chicken that marches to a different drummer and lays eggs on her own terms.

If I Had Triceratops

If I had a Triceratops by George O’Connor – The illustrations for “I’d be sure to clean up after her” and the one of her playing fetch.



This is Like a Dream


On Saturday I took ML and her friend to see the NC Symphony perform Cirque de la Symphonie.  We received three free tickets so I let ML choose a friend to take.  Her choice was Lily.  They don’t know each other well, so I was a little surprised.  Recently I told ML, “Lily has a twin brother and wants to join our book club so she can do some stuff with girls.”  It must have stuck in her mind.  A few cays after the decision, ML informed me she chose Lily because “My brother annoys me sometimes.  I’m sure her brother annoys her.  She probably needs a break from him.”

The concert was amazing.  About two songs in, ML whispered, “This is Like a Dream.”  Seeing acrobats flying through the sky on aerial silks; accompanied by the symphony playing Christmas songs is hard to beat.

Below are some recent arrivals.  They fit the theme of this post… siblings and flying through the air.


Big Little Mother by Kevin Kling and illustrated by Chris Monroe – The library catalog describes this book as “A four-year-old boy demonstrates what a good teacher his big sister is during her tap dancing class and garners praise for them both.”  But’s so much more.  There’s a cat whose forced to play tea party, learn piano and receive a celebrity makeover.  Early in the book,  Kittywumpus decides to fly out the front door.  Guess who replaces the cat for the sister’s playtime ideas?

The Nowhere Box by Sam Zuppardi – “Frustrated by little brothers who follow him everywhere and wreck his toys and games, George commandeers an empty washing machine box for an imaginative escape that is free of pirates, dragons, and bothersome younger siblings.”  George flies on a roller coaster and rockets to the moon.  I love this book because if ML had been a boy she was going to have the moniker, George.  Her grandfather, two great-grandfathers, and great-uncle share the name.

My Christmas wish for families with multiple children.  May there be peace, love and no squabbling among siblings for at least Christmas day.  Pretty certain my brother and I didn’t achieve it in our childhood.  Hopefully, yours will.

ML’s only annoyance Christmas morning will be me.  When she joins her Dad in the afternoon, her almost two-year-old brother will be there.  ML requested make-up from Santa at her dad’s house.  Recently, she said, “J is banned from markers, pencils, and crayons until the new year.”  I told her “If that’s the case, you will need to find a place to hide your makeup.  Or it will end up all over the house.”