Bella Lost and Found by Ryan O’Rourke


My dear friends Debbie and Dale moved to Oriental, NC with their cats Bella and Coby to be near their sailboat.  When Bella Lost and Found by Ryan O’Rourke arrived at the library, I couldn’t stop thinking about their invitation to visit.  It’s time we venture to the Pamlico Sound, where ML experienced her first sailing trip when she was a mere eight months old.

What’s this book about?  The dust jacket’s describes the plot perfectly.  “Bella is an indoor cat who lives inside a lighthouse.  She has always imagined having great adventures on the high seas.  But she has never gone outside until . . .  One day she finds an open door and ventures down to the sea.  Bella hops onto a sailboat and drifts away just like in her dreams.”  As for the illustrations, the front cover provides a small taste of the delightful pictures inside the book.

Rumor has it Debbie is volunteering at a local school.  A perfect fit for her as she performed storytimes for at least fifteen years.  Bella Lost and Found is an excellent book for her to read aloud.  Then, she can tell the group about her Bella.  I don’t think we’ll visit empty-handed.  Guess what we’ll bring?