Why Picture Books are Important

PictureBook Ambassador

Today, a friend alerted me to a post called Why Picture Books are Important by Sophie Blackall at picturebookmonth.com.  Who knew November was Picture Book Month?

Each day, the site shares a post “from a picture book champion explaining why he/she thinks picture books are important.” I haven’t had a chance to read all the posts; but two have jumped out already.  Sophie Blackall’s post brought me to tears.  ML and I are fortunate to have access to so many picture books.  Not everyone does.  Ame Dyckman’s post eloquently explains why I think you should keep reading picture books to your child even after they can read.

Picture books transcend time and place.  If I were a famous picture book author/illustrator asked to write about why picture books are important, the following story would be included.

One day, while working at the library, a woman in her sixties approached me.  She asked for picture books to read to her eighty-five-year old mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.  Her mother was no longer able to communicate verbally.  The daughter explained, “I read her one of the books she read to me as a child recently.  Mom hung on every word and poured over the pictures.”  I hope ML and I are never in this situation.  If we are, I hope she continues our tradition of reading picture books.  Eight years so far; and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Why are picture books important?  Five words… picture books help people connect.