It’s Like No Jumping on the Bed


One of ML’s favorite books is No Jumping on the Bed by Tedd Arnold. Walter’s father warns him if he continues to jump on his bed, one day it will crash through the floor. He continues to jump, and the bed crashes through the floor. Walter falls through the ceiling of their top floor apartment. Along the way he meets a variety of neighbors as he crashes through their ceilings.

Recently, I read ML Creak! Said the Bed by Phyllis Root and illustrated by Regan Dunnick. When I finished, she said, “Mom, It’s like No Jumping on the Bed.” She’s right. Both books show big cracks in the floor.

Once again, ML’s making those connections. I can’t wait to see the connections she makes this school year.

We Need Race Car Picture Books


Last week, a father asked for picture books about race cars. I only found one on the shelf and very few in the library system.

The dad was happy with the one I found, Hot Rod Hamster! by Cynthia Lord and illustrated by Derek Anderson. Our interaction left me wondering why so few? A large portion of children are interested in race cars. Authors, illustrators and publishers need to step up to the plate.

In the meantime, enjoy our favorite car books. The rhythmic and rhyming text in The Srubbly-Bubbly Car Wash by Irene O’Garden and illustrated by Cynthia Jabar is fun to read. I dare you to say clickety-clackety, rattley-rackety, drippity-droppity, boottom-to-toppity, lathery-blathery, scrubbly-bubbly CAR WASH. . .ten times fast.

Rattletrap Car by Phyllis Root and illustrated by Jill Barton is one of my go to’s when I need to read to a crowd of all ages. “chocolate marshmallow fudge delight” keeps this car moving. Without it, there wouldn’t be a way to replace the flat tire with a beach ball or the floorboard with a surf board.