Back to School, Back to Lunch and Pete the Cat



School’s back in session for three weeks and I’m already searching for new lunch ideas. Peanut Butter is out of the question. ML is allowed to take it to school, but she refuses because some of her friends are allergic. She doesn’t want to put them at risk for an allergic reaction.

Pasta, grapes, carrots, hummus, yogurt, cucumbers, lebnah, tomatoes, chex mix, pita chips, sweet peas, clementines, pretzels, cheese and apples are mainstays. But there are 180 school days.

In Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch created by James Dean, Pete is hungry! He builds a huge sandwich. Then, finds it is too big for him to eat alone. So he invites his friends to join him. The book features some foods I can’t pack. Ice cream – obviously. Bananas – I’ve tried but they return home uneaten and smushed. Eggs – ML won’t touch them. But pickles are something she loves. I’ll add them to the list.

And you should add Pete the Cat books to your reading list. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttonsby Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean is my favorite. Check out a portion of the Pete the Cat song and video below. You must check this book out at the library to see the hilarious ending.

How many Pete the Cat books have you read? And please share what you pack for school lunches?