Cute and Cuter

ML’s cousin is my roommate from library school’s son. Four-year-old Henry and “almost seven” ML don’t see each other enough. When they do, it’s a whirlwind of fun. Saturday night, we planned to repeat last visit’s fun. . .pizza party, sprinkler and silliness. We did.

Then, ML and Henry performed a bunch of puppet shows. Henry’s best show included a rattlesnake who meowed. ML’s favorite starred a purple fish hat who ate and pooped pink dragons. I’m trying to curtail ML’s scatological humor, but even I laughed.

After that, we read books. ML read No, David by David Shannon. I read a new picture book in comic book form, Cute & Cuter by Michael Townsend. Both were hits. Henry liked them so much we sent the books home with him. The nuances in Cute & Cuter require multiple readings. I’ll check out another copy so ML can further explore Janie Jane’s adventures. Everyone’s favorite line, “I think she’s cuter than a dozen pink hamsters dancing in a field of flowers while eating cupcakes!” is illustrated on the inside covers of the book.

From now on, our “cousin time” will include puppets and books.

David Shannon


Another of the first books ML read herself was No, David! Her dad’s name is David so she loved to read it over and over and over.

I have been a huge fan of David Shannon for years. He’s one of my go to authors when I need a book to share with a crowd of all ages. Some of my favorites are Duck on a Bike, Too Many Toys and Bad Case of the Stripes, Jangles: A Big Fish Story. Actually I like all his books. So does ML