Secret Pizza Party @ Quail Ridge Books


It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  I usually avoid stores of any type on this day.  I worked a few too many Black Fridays at a toy store.  However, I had to go shopping today.  Adam Rubin was signing books at Quail Ridge Books.  He’s one of our new favorite authors.  Sadly, while he was in Raleigh from New York, ML was in New York.

I’ve already featured one of his books Dragons Love Tacos  A young boy asked a question you may have.  “Do you love tacos?”  Adam’s response, “Of course I do.”

I can’t tell you much about Secret Pizza Party because it’s a secret.  But I can tell you, I know a preschool boy who thinks it is the best book of the century.

Shhhh! Here’s another secret.  Adam’s newest book is being published this spring.  Big Bad Bubble is the story of monsters who fear bubbles.  Another one illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.  Actually, he’s illustrated all of Adam Rubin’s books.  They make a great team

It’s not everyday you get to meet an author and his mom.  But today I  had the pleasure.  Adam’s mom lives in Raleigh.  She is planning a gala fundraising event at Marbles Kids Museum this spring to benefit Girl Rising, a nonprofit group campaigning for girls’ education around the world.  I don’t know many details but I should soon.  For all my Raleigh readers, I’ll let you know more closer to the event.