Up the Creek


Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland is not as large as most picture books.  It’s only 8.3 x 8.1 inches.  What it lacks in size, it makes up in humor.  Three friends… a bear, a moose and a beaver rarely agree.  When the three friends decide to take a canoe trip, it’s filled with strife.  Canoeing in circles, tipping over, splashing each other and lots of yelling.  Too busy screaming at each other, they don’t hear the white-water rapids until it’s too late.  Oops!

In the face of disaster, they work together.  Repairing the canoe, fixing the paddles, making lunch, and giving thanks.  Our favorite illustration is lunch being cooked over a campfire.  Bear is cooking a fish, moose is roasting grass and beaver is heating a twig.

If you like the illustrations in the book, Nicholas Oldland also illustrates pajamas.  Check it out www.hartleystore.com.  I’m partial to the women’s sleepshirts with funny captions and illustrations.  The “Night Owl” pj’s are perfect for ML

There are several other books by Nicholas Oldland featuring bear, moose and beaver.
Big Bear Hug
The Busy Beaver
Making the Moose Out of Life

Sadly, our library only owns two.  We’ll be requesting Big Bear Hug and Making the Moose Out of Life.