More New Picture Books

Best of today’s batch. . .

Hare Tortoise

Hare and Tortoise by Alison Murray – I love this rendition of the famous Aesop fable.  A fluid, interactive text for story time and beautiful illustrations.

Peep and Egg

Peep and Egg:  I’m Not Hatching by Laura Gehl and illustrated by Joyce Wan – A perfect book for story time.  Every child will want to shout “I’m Not Hatching” at the top of their lungs.  I’m eager for the second in this series to arrive,  Peep and Egg:  I’m Not Trick-or-Treating.


Rules of House

Rules of the House by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Matt Myers – Just read what the book jacket says.  You won’t be able to resist…

Follow the rules.


Ten Hungry Pigs

Ten Hungry Pigs by Derek Anderson – A book about counting and food with a twist at the end.  Another perfect story time book.



Hensel and Gretel:Ninja Chicks by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez and illustrated by Dan Santat – Forget Hansel and Gretel and the temptation of a gingerbread house..  Hensel and Gretel and the cornbread cottage is where it’s at.

Presidential Reads

Presidential MisadventuresThose Founding FathersThomas JeffersonDear Mr WashingtonPresident TaftiPhone George Washington


It’s Presidents Day and I planned to finish this post before the day arrived so I could post it.  I didn’t; but have decided to post it in it’s incomplete form.  These are some great books.  Trust me.

Presidential Misadventures:  Poems that Poke Fun at the Man in Charge by Bob Raczka and art by Dan E. Burr – Have you ever heard of a clerihew?  I hadn’t until I read this book.  It’s a four line poem that pokes fun at a famous person.  The first two lines rhyme and the third and fourth lines rhyme.  There’s a poem written about each of the forty-four presidents.

The Founding Fathers: Those Horse Ridin’, Fiddle Playin’, Book Readin’ Gun Totin’ Gentlemen Who Started America by Jonah Winter and illustrated by Barry Blitt

Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything by Maria Kalman – An exquisitely illustrated picture book describing the interests and complexities of Thomas Jefferson in simple age appropriate words.

Dear Mr. Washington by Lynn Cullen and pictures by Nancy Carpenter

President Taft is Stuck in the Bath by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

The Left Behinds and the iPhone That Saved George Washington by David Potter


Cole’s Review on The Terrible Two

Terrible Two

Cole is a third grader who enjoys Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  When The Terrible Two by Jory John and Mac Barnett and illustrated by Kevin Cornell arrived, I knew Cole was the perfect boy to read and review the book.  Why? The front cover includes a quote from Jeff Kinney, the author of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  “A DOUBLE HELPING OF FUN AND MISCHIEF!”  You can learn more about this new series at The Official and Secret Website of The Terrible Two.

  • Write three words to describe this book.  Funny, Entertaining, Interesting
  • What was your favorite part of the book? Why?  When principle Parkin’s car was pulled up to the top of the stairs.  It was my favorite because it showed a picture of a trampled car.  I found that to be incredibly amusing.
  • Who was your favorite character?  Why?  Niles because he was a prankster.
  • How did the book make you feel?  Happy, also made me feel like I wanted to maybe be a little mischievous.

You can learn more about this new series at
The Official and Secret Website of The Terrible Two.

My Caldecott Awards & Where I Plan to Be In 2017



I wanted to make it to Chicago this year to attend the awards ceremony for the Caldecott Medal; but my budget didn’t allow it.  Next year, the Caldecott award will be announced in Boston.  Closer. . . but probably not in my budget.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be there in 2017.  Where?  Atlanta. . .a six hour drive, a free place to stay and the chance to visit my family.

It wasn’t easy for me to choose a winner this year.  Many worthy books were published in 2014.

My Choice – Caldecott 2015 Medal 
Flashlight by Lizi Boyd

My Choices – Caldecott Honor Books
Telephone by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jen Corace
The Farmer and The Clown by Marla Frazee
The Adventures of Beekle:  An UnImaginary Friend by Dan Santat



ML wants a phone. I brought home the new picture book Telephone instead.


Last week, ML informed me “When I get a phone.  I don’t want it to be like your phone. I want an iPhone.”  I laughed responding, “Who knows what phones will look Iike by the time you get a phone?”  I turned it into a financial education lesson explaining not only do you buy a phone, you pay over $100 per month to use the phone.  It resulted in the desired effect.  “Wow!  That’s a lot of money.”

Telephone by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jen Corace recently arrived at the library.  I didn’t bring it home because I wasn’t sure if ML had played the game Telephone.  A basic understanding of the game makes the book funnier.  After our iPhone conversation, I decided to take a chance ML knew the game.  While we read the book, she laughed many times.  At the end, I asked “Have you ever played Telephone?”  She said, “Yes.”  I didn’t have a chance to ask where because she wanted to look back through the book.

Birds perched along telephone wires pass along Mama Bird’s request, “Tell Peter:  Fly Home for Dinner.”  As the message moves along, it changes drastically.  Resulting with a bird, who looks a lot like Chicken Little, spewing a long list of warnings to Owl to share with Peter.  Wise Owl discerns the real message… “Your mom says fly home for dinner.”

One reason we explored the book again… an illustrated story line in the houses and yards under the telephone wire.  The other reason… the birds possess distinctive personalities wearing props to emphasize their interests.  You can’t appreciate all the details in the first reading.