One Special Day: A Story For Big Brothers & Sisters

One Special Day

I’m often asked for stories about a new sibling arriving. Tonight, we read One Special Day: A Story For Big Brothers & Sisters written by Lola M. Schaefer and illustrated by Jessica Meserve. Spencer is a wild and crazy boy. “Strong as a bear. Loud as an elephant. Messy as a pig.” And more! One special day Spencer is quiet. He’s waiting to meet the new addition to his family; so he can gently hold the baby.

ML asked, “Is it a brother or sister?” At first, she thought brother.  Then, I closed the book.  She looked at the cover; and decided it was a sister. Read the book and you’ll see why.  It’s my new go to book about the arrival of a sibling.

Last year, I presented a storytime where I read some rollicking books about babies.  The preschoolers loved it. After the books I discovered for the StrollerThon post and this new book, I’m performing another Baby themed storytime this winter. One Special Day is a perfect storytime read. Each page is a guessing game. For example, one page states “He was fast-” When you turn the page, there is an illustration of a horse created with digital oil pastel.  Not sure how this art technique works; but the result captivated us.

Addendum:  I contact authors and illustrators when I feature their books.  Often I learn really cool things.  Like what their working on now.  Lola Schaeffer shared about how sometimes a book idea comes and you have to drop everything.  Here’s what she wrote.

“I can admit to you that One Special Day came to me in one swift gust of words. I was preparing lunch and had to throw everything back into the refrigerator and run up to the computer to type it.  Sometimes our strongest work comes that way. We writers call that a “gift” book. It’s a gift that the universe channels through us.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s heaven.”

Other good books for when a new sibling arrives included

Marigold and Daisy by Andrea Zuill

Marigold and Daisy