First Five Star Picture Book of 2016 – Rock-A-Bye Romp

Rock A Bye Romp

Rock-A-Bye Romp by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Simona Mulazzani – My first five star picture book of this year.  Need I say more?

Ok, I’ll write a little more.  This is a perfect gift for expecting parents.  Since I don’t know any expecting parents, expecting grandparents or great-grandparents will suffice.

A Three Word Book

ah ha

Last week, ML bragged, “I read an entire Rainbow Magic chapter book today.” I was both impressed and sad. I feared she might start telling me picture books were babyish. Thankfully, even books with the simplest text still appeal to her.

She was immediately hooked on the book AH HA! by Jeff Mack. There are only three words in this book Ah, ha, and aaah. Those three words and Mack’s brightly colored illustrations create a robust story. The facial expressions on the animals tell it all.

Another great book for both preschool and elementary-aged children. Other books illustrated by Jeff Mack are story time hits – Mr. Duck Means Business by Tammi Sauer, Hurry Hurry by Eve Bunting, Starry Safari by Linda Ashman and Rub-a-Dub Sub by Linda Ashman. For a few weeks when ML was four, the only book she wanted me to read was Starry Safari. She particularly loved the illustration on the last page of the book.

starry safari