Warning! This Book Will Make You Itchy!


Oh, the anxiety and paranoia this four letter word brings out in parents.I can’t believe we made it through preschool and 4 months of kindergarten without getting lice. Each year it would go around the school.  Then, last year it happened.  So when David Shannon’s Bugs in My Hair! arrived at the library, I could relate…  somewhat.  You see my friend diagnosed it while she was keeping ML.

One Easter, Monica had a house full of children all with lice.  She’s a neat freak.  She became very obsessed learning any and all treatment options and what needed to be cleaned.  The end result. . . she hired a lice professional.  So by the time I got home from work, the lice professional was at my house treating ML’s very long curly hair.  Monica washed all the linens, bagged up all the stuffed animals and placed them in the attic.  All I did was write the check.

ML was sitting happily on a stool with her hair being comb and treated by a college student.  At that point in time, ML wouldn’t even let me brush her hair.  It wasn’t cheap.  The lice expert said she was paying her way through college with this job.  If needed, I will be happy to help support her college education again.  You see I have memories of my lice treatment by my mom.  I sat on the floor of the bathroom while she combed in the RID.  It wasn’t a fun mother-daughter bonding experience.  And my hair was shorter and straight.

So while ML had lice, I’ve yet to experience it completely.  Based on what my friends say, David Shannon describes it best… “everything was laundered, treated, sprayed, combed, picked and cleaned.”  He should know.  He wrote the book after his daughter had lice.  http://www.scholastic.com/parents/resources/video/bugs-my-hair-david-shannon

Someone whispered that nasty four letter word at school today.  I hope we don’t join the LICE-A-PALOOZA… one of the comical terms from the book about a situation that is not funny to any parent.