Turtle Island


When I emailed Kevin Sherry my post on his book I’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean, he emailed a sneak peak of artwork for an upcoming book, Turtle Island.  The book arrived at the library recently.

Due to a shipwreck Owl, Bear, Frog and Cat end up making a home on Turtle’s shell.  Each of the animals excel in something. . . Turtle catches fish,  Owl knits.  Bear builds.  Frog cooks.  Cat draws.  Working together, they build a lovely, comfortable village on Turtle’s shell.  All is well, until the animals realize they miss their friends and families.  Turtle is heartbroken when they leave.

One day Turtle’s friends surprise him bringing all their family and friends to live on Turtle’s shell.  They create an island with everything a person (or animal) needs to survive and flourish.  Food, art, music and plenty of opportunities for fun.  Flying kites, playing tetherball, looking through telescopes, drumming the bongos, flying paper airplanes… an island utopia.

ML loved how the squid from I’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean made an appearance in Cat’s painting. I liked the blurred watercolors on the page where turtle is missing and daydreaming about Owl, Bear, Frog and Cat.

This book is best enjoyed with one or a few children so they have a chance to really focus on the humorous illustrations.  This summer it’s going to be one of my top, “You should check out this book” when I see families looking for books.

I hope Kevin Sherry will send me a sneak peak of his next project.


2014 Reading – Children’s Authors are Kind

I’ve set some pretty high reading goals for this year.  And these don’t include my adult reading goals.

  • Read 200 Picture Books
  • Read 10 Juvenile Fiction Chapter Books
  • Read 5 Young Adult Novels
  • Read 52 Nonfiction books for Children

Also, I plan to continue the blog with the goal of 200 blog postings in 2014 here.

For most posts I write, I contact the authors and illustrators.  I have been amazed at the responses I receive in return.  My favorite responses include information of their upcoming books.  Below are some I can’t wait for ML and I to read in 2014.

May 1, 2014 – Turtle Island by Kevin Sherry


May 6, 2014 – Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri


Sometime in Fall 2014,

A book about Thanksgiving by Mark Fearing

I am certain there are others I’m forgetting.  But I need to get reading and writing if I’m going to reach my 2014 goals.

Top Secret


I emailed Kevin Sherry about his book I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean. He emailed us a sneak peak of his upcoming work.

One is a picture book called Turtle Island. The other is a beginning chapter book. The Yeti Files: Meet the Big Feet.

The beginning chapter book is going to feature biped creatures. Think bigfoot, abominable snowman, and other such creatures. There will be diagrams and comic book elements. I know it will be a hit. ML and one of her friends are always looking for bigfoot.

Do you know what a yeti is?

Repetition is Good

ML reads me at least one book a night. Every night this week she has read the same book. Except the infamous “No Books . . . Go Straight To Bed! I Mean It!” evening.

The book is Little Mouse and the Great Big House by Phyllis Conable. It’s an easy reader book with lots of rhyming and repetitive phrases. To become fluent readers, repetition is key.

Some books ML loves to read over and over are

Put Me In the Zoo by Robert Lopshire
Too Many Cats by Lori Haskins
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss
No, David! by David Shannon
I’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry

What are your children’s favorite books to read again and again?