Outside the Box: A Book of Poems

Outside the Box

I haven’t featured a collection of poems in a long time.  My favorite collection from 2014 was Outside the Box:  A Book of Poems by Karma Wilson and drawings by Diane Goode.

ML and my favorite poem from the book is “My Friend . . . Imaginary.”

Other favorites include:

Citizen of the Month
Inside Joke
Ick . . . Gross . . . Ew . . .
Monkey Business
You’re No Lady!
Bear Bare Feet
Alan Had a Little Frog
Captain Cluck

This year, I’m in charge of the Poetry Celebration at ML’s school.  Students submit poems.  Then, standouts are chosen to be read at the Spring Assembly.  To market the Poetry Celebration, I would love for the fifth graders to read poems from Outside the Box on the school’s morning news show.