Farmer Brown

I Love My Hat

Yesterday, I texted my brother, “Happy Birthday!”  He responded “thank you;” and didn’t correct my mistake.  Today, is his real birthday.  I cannot let the day go by without a post to celebrate him.

According to family lore,  during preschool my brother insisted on being called “Farmer Brown.”  When I Love My Hat by Douglas Florian and illustrated by Paige Keiser arrived, I loved it.  However, I decided to wait to share this book.  In honor of the boy who irritated me as a child; and I wish I saw more than twice a year as an adult… a book with a character named Farmer Brown.

According to Amazon, “One autumn morning, Farmer Brown gets on his tractor and heads to town. Along the way, he picks up a cat in a hat, a goat in a coat, an ox in socks, and other animals who love their clothes—and each animal sings a little song about what it’s wearing. When they reach the town, it’s Farmer Brown’s turn to sing about his clothes—after he gets some new ones. This silly farmyard romp will have kids singing about their own favorite clothes.”

We’re seeing my brother and his family in a couple of weeks.  This book is making the trip.  I’m eager to tell my niece and nephew about their dad, Farmer Brown.  I should probably hold off sharing about the time we were fighting and my bedroom door fell of the hinges as a result.