Herman and Rosie


Herman and Rosie by Gus Gordon is a gentle book about loneliness, finding your true self, and finding a soul mate.  ML enjoyed the story, but the creative illustrations set in New York City were her favorite part.  I enjoyed the illustrations, but the detailed story of overcoming obstacles was my favorite part.  A perfect book for children and adults.

A crocodile named Herman works in a tall office building on the fifty-first floor in a small cubicle selling things.  He enjoys playing the oboe.   Rosie, a deer, works in an upscale restaurant during the day and sings at a local night club. They both enjoy films about the ocean.  Unbeknownst to them, they are crossing paths all over New York City…  outside the cafe, on the subway, in the park, and  at the library.

Walking past Schwarzmann’s Jazz Academy, Herman hears Rosie singing.  This inpires him to create a “jazzy little number.” Herman plays the tune on his oboe from the roof of his building.  It catches Rosie’s attention.  After numerous missed connections and depressing times in each of their lives, they meet.  Rosie leaps from her balcony, climbs a rain gutter, and jumps from one building to another to find the person playing the tune she can’t get out of her mind.

A funky new jazz band is formed.  The name is based on their other shared interest… the ocean.  If you know the name of a famous oceanographer, you can easily guess the name of the band.