Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss – “Oh, that’s why they look so old.”


Today is Read Across America Day.  Better known as Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  His birthday is actually March 2, but  ML’s class celebrated today.  Well, they tried… school released 3 hours early.  Yesterday, it was almost 70 degrees.  Currently, it is 24 degrees with slick, icy roads.

Tomorrow, ML plans to take two Dr. Seuss books from our collection to school…  Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and Ham.  I requested ML take good care of them because they’re from my childhood.  ML responded, “Oh, that’s why they look so old.”  I prefer the term well-read.  According to ebay these books are “vintage.”  The images above are from ebay.  Our Hop on Pop looks better.  Thankfully, no mold spots.  However, the spine of our Green Eggs and Ham is partially detached.  Hopefully, it won’t return home completely detached.

What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book?