Those Aren’t the Words: Song Variations


ML loves to sing. She makes up her own songs or changes the words in songs she knows. Below are picture books we enjoy with variations on childhood songs.

In Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop by Lisa Shulman and illustrated by Ashley Wolff, the tool sounds are fun to sing – zztt zztt, rurr rurr, tap tap, chip chip, scritch scratch, squeak squeak, and swish swash. Spoiler alert – the animals are using a saw, drill, hammer, chisel, file, screwdriver, and paintbrush to build a barn.

Ten in the Bed by Jane Carbrera features a variety of occupations; a trumpeter being the most unusual. There’s a snorer too. Who knew you can have a career in snoring?

Iza Trapani has written and illustrated at least a dozen variations on childhood songs. Our favorite is The Bear Went Over the Mountain, which features the five senses. It’s hard to believe, but there aren’t many quality picture books featuring the five senses. My first thought when the library received the book, “Finally an answer to every preschool teacher’s request” The bear sees a mama duck that chases him up a tree, hears a snake hissing, smells a skunk, touches a porcupine, and tastes honey until he is buzzed away.

Are Stinky Smelly Feet Hereditary?


When I picked ML from camp Monday, she took her shoes off in the car. The smell was atrocious. There’s no other way to say it. ML has stinky feet. Apparently, it’s hereditary. I got them from my dad. . . ML got them from me.

We love Stinky Smelly Feet: A Love Story by Margie Palatini. Two ducks, Dolores and Douglas are in love, but Douglas has stinky, smelly feet. Dolores passes out every time Douglas removes his shoes. What’s a duck to do?

Thankfully, ML’s and my feet haven’t ever caused someone to pass out. As for my dad’s feet. . . no comment.