Egg Books Crack ML Up


Due to inclement weather, I worked at an alternate library location this week.  Only 1.6 miles from my house.  It’s usually an easy stroll.  But in the ice and snow there were more hills than I remember. Working at another location is always fun.  But today’s work day provided more than fun.  A recently retired library manager visited with a few dozen eggs fresh from “her girls.”    I jumped on the chance for fresh eggs.  I don’t know if I ever had some straight from the chicken.  My grandparents had farms but no chickens when I was a child.  Though I know at least one of them had a rooster when my Dad was a child.  One of my uncles threw a day old biscuit out the door.  It hit the rooster in the head and killed it.  At least, that’s the story the Meeks boys tell.

I didn’t have to walk home.  One of the staff drove me to the corner of my street. I wouldn’t let her drive down the hill. I knew it would be icy. About 50 feet from my driveway the street looked better. Umm… not true. Black ice is for real. I slid straight onto my hiney.  Luckily, my purse was back there to cushion the fall.  Miraculously, the eggs did not break.  Good thing!  Being covered in the eggs of my first chance for eggs straight from the nest… not sure how I would have reacted.  Tears, screaming, sobbing?

In celebration of fresh eggs… a few egg books ML loves.  Some are about cracked eggs.

The Cow That Laid an Egg by Andy Cutbill and illustrated by Russell Ayto – ML loves this one and it’s a story time hit.  Marjorie the cow’s self-esteem is very low.  All the other cows can do amazing things… ride bicycles and do handstands.  The chickens take charge with a plan to increase Marjorie’s confidence.   A spotted egg appears underneath her while she sleeps.  This results in gossip, intrigue and one funny book.  There’s even a Welsh version, Y Fuwch Wnaeth Ddodwy Wy.

Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr. Seuss – A post about eggs without mentioning Horton is unacceptable.  If you haven’t read this one, you’ve missed the classic egg book.

Tillie Lays an Egg by Terry Golson with photographs by Ben Fink – ML loves this book for three reasons. 1.  Her grandmother’s name is Tillie.  2. On each page there is an egg to find.  3.  She likes looking at the pictures and pointing to each of the hens – Prudence, Edwina, Twinkydink, Buffy, Marge, Ginger and Tillie.  Of course, Tillie is her favorite. This is acclaimed photographer, Ben Fink’s, first children’s book.  His photographs for the Culinary Institute of America are amazing.  I hope we see more of his work in picture books.

And a few I checked out at my inclement weather location… I’ll read them to ML next week.

An Egg is Quiet written by Dianna Aston and illustrated by  Sylvia Long – An amazing author and illustrator work together in this quiet, understated book.  Its focus… eggs from a variety of species, not just birds.  Explore the  true to size eggs illustrated on the first two pages.  Then, turn to the back pages to view exquisite living creatures hatched from eggs… a lobster, an iguana, a fish, insects, a frog and a variety of birds.  ML will pour over this book again and again.  Expect a future post highlighting the other titles in their collaborative work.

Egg Drop by Mini Grey – ML doesn’t eat eggs.  I enjoy omelets.  What happens to an egg wanting to fly before it’s time?  In this story, it lands sunny-side-up.  A cautionary story about what happens when an egg is inpatient.

And our favorite “egg” book I posted about recently.  Fitting for this snowy weather.  When Blue Met Egg by Lyndsay Ward.