ML’s Last Day As a Tsunami – Well For This Year


Once again, it’s been four fun-filled weeks of YMCA Camp this summer.  This year, ML moved up to the Tsunami huddle.  It’s for rising second graders and third graders.  So she’ll be one again next year.

The night before ML’s last day, I planned to read Tsunami! by Kimiko Kajikawa and illustrated by Ed Young to ML.  “A wealthy man in a Japanese village, who everyone calls Ojiisan, which means grandfather, sets fire to his rice fields to warn the innocent people of an approaching tsunami.”  We didn’t get to it.  Exhausted from performing at the Camp Talent Show for parents, ML went straight to bed.

Tomorrow ML returns from her dad’s house.  Tsunami! is on the top of the big stack of books to read together.  It’s truly a perfect book to highlight all the character traits the Y camp helps instill in ML… honesty, respect, caring and responsibility.

The big memories of this summer for me from Y Camp are:

  • ML creating a Christmas Tree outfit for Wacky Wednesday
  • The song she made up to the Jingle Bells tune for her huddle to sing.
  • Her counselor running to the car during rides out to tell me what a great camper ML was.
  • Watching ML and her friend create a dance routine in our driveway. Then, perform it at the Family Night Talent Show

ML has a million more memories.  Her dad said she was crying on the way home from her last day of camp.  It’s truly a special place.