Future Librarian in Training and A Secret


I am a member of the Friends of the Library at ML’s school.  In previous years, the school librarian presented a story time for incoming kindergartners near the end of the school year.  Between End of Grade Tests and other responsibilities the media specialist wasn’t able to work one in her schedule.  So I volunteered to do it.

At 8:30 a.m. this morning, ML and I shared books, songs, a flannelboard game and puppets with these rising kindergartners.  Some of her friends’ siblings were in the crowd so it was extra fun.  ML is an excellent story time presenter.  She read The Pigeon Needs a Bath, played the flannel game with the kids and performed in the puppet show.  Below is what we did.

Book Eddie Gets Ready for School by David Milgrim (I read it to get the kids in the mindset of going to school.  And so the parents won’t feel bad if their mornings are crazy.  Eddie’s parents mornings are even crazier.)

Flannel Rhyme –  A is for Alligator

A is for alligator,
Chomp, chomp, chomp
B is for bunny,
Hop, hop, hop
C is for circle
That goes around and around
And D is for down.
Let’s all sit down.

Flannel – What’s Inside My Little Book? (A guessing game where various flannel items are hidden behind flannel cut in the shape of different color books.  We repeated a rhyme together and they tried to guess what was behind each book… ice cream cone, blue car, purple hippo and green monster.)

BookThe Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems (ML read it to remind them to bathe before the first day of school.)

Puppet Show – Using the tune “The Wheels on the Bus” we performed a show with animal puppets and appropriate props for various people found at school.

The teachers at the school  say, “Welcome to School.”
The art teacher at the school says, “Paint, Paint, Paint!”
The music teacher at the school says, “La, La, La!”
The coach at the school  says, “Run, Run, Run”
The librarian at the school says “Read, Read, Read!”
The students at the school  say, “We’re Glad You’re Here.”

ML doesn’t know I’ll be sharing this story time tomorrow with her class.  Then, I’ll tell the students all about being a librarian.  Shhhh!  It’s a secret.

Eddie Gets Ready for School



Eddie Gets Ready for School by David Milgrim is a fun read.  My coworker introduced it to me after her three-year-old wanted to hear it over and over.  Like Eddie, ML has a morning routine.  She also has a bedtime routine.  Unlike Eddie her morning routine does not involve wearing underwear on her head, drinking root beer, or packing a cat in her backpack.   Neither does Eddie’s when his mom gets involved.

I admit… ML does wear underwear on her head.  Usually at night.  She ties a large green blanket around a pair of underwear.  Then places the underwear on her head.  Prancing around with very long green hair.  Calling herself Rapunzel.

We love the checklist format in the book.  When ML was first learning to do all the steps of her bedtime routine without me nagging, she wrote it on a note card.  Then, checked each step off every night.

Pick Out Clothes
Put on Jammies
Check Backpack for Everything Needed for School
Bedtime Snack
Read Books and Cuddle in My Bed
Lights Out

Her bed time routine is longer than the morning routine.  In the morning all ML has to do is

Get Dressed
Eat Breakfast

Once ML finishes those two tasks, she can watch TV until it’s time to go.  At the beginning of the school year we didn’t have this routine.  Our mornings go smoother now.  Not being allowed to watch Wild Kratts until she is dressed and eating breakfast is a real motivator.  Usually, she brushes her teeth right before we scoot out the door.  If we are running late, we skip that step.  Don’t tell Dr. Schmorr.

Tell the truth.  Do your children always brush their teeth two times a day?