Ten Thank-You Letters

Thank-You Letters

ML had a huge birthday party two weeks ago.  As I told her, “This is your one big birthday party.”  She and around 30 of her closest friends played Jedi Dodge Ball, Toilet Tag, and other fun games in the gymnasium at our local community center.  The games were led by a teenager, so I didn’t have to herd the cats.  I was responsible for the last forty-five minutes of the party.  We had cake, I told a scary story, they decorated mustaches and had a dance party.  It was chaotic fun.

Between homework, dinner and bedtime; ML hasn’t written many thank-you notes.  Today I said, “We’re not going to the Halloween Party unless you write ten thank-you notes.”  After a little grumbling, she wrote all ten.  Nothing works better to motivate ML than to miss out on a social event.

Before bed tonight, ML pulled out new books from my library bag.  Appropriately, there was a new book titled, Ten Thank-You Letters by Daniel Kirk.  It’s a delightful read.  Need to show your child how to write thank-you notes?  Check out this book.  Although, ML refused to let me read her notes; and sealed them to make certain I didn’t sneak a peek.  Knowing her, there isn’t any telling what they say.

ML fed my ego while we read Ten Thank-You Letters.  One of the thank-you notes states, “Dear Mr. Moose, You are the best librarian.”  ML disagreed, “He’s wrong.  You are the best librarian.”  Tonight, I feel like one.  Nothing pleases librarians more than getting the right book, in the right child’s hands, at the right time.