Happy Birthday to Me – Great Books About Cakes and Cupcakes

Little ElliotCake GirlCupcakeBirthday for Cow

Today’s my birthday; but my party was last night.   I requested a low key pizza party with a rollicking game of Apples to Apples Junior. A friend assisted ML and her friend in pulling it off.  Plus some unexpected roses and a huge cupcake.

Today my preschool story time friends serenaded me with a jolly rendition of “Happy Birthday” after I read them books about cake and cupcakes.

Little Elliot Big City by Mike Curato – I love this book!  As in, if you want to buy it for my birthday, I won’t regift it.  Released in August, it’s the sweetest book I’ve read all year.

Cake Girl by David Lucas –  With a birthday so close to Halloween, this book really appeals to me.  A witch “bakes” a cake girl and plans to eat her.  With love and kindness, Cake Girl saves herself while helping the witch learn how to be a friend.

Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper – It’s hard being a plain old vanilla cupcake with plain old icing.  Until, you meet a plain old green candle who also has flashy siblings… number candle, stripy candle, super-long candle.  Suddenly, plain old green candle realizes a topping is all cupcake needs to go from ordinary to spectacular.  Will he be able to find the perfect topping?  Spaghetti, stinky cheese, a squirrel.  It’s not looking promising.  Or is it?

A Birthday for Cow! by Jan Thomas – Pig and Mouse are making a birthday cake for Cow.  Duck is determined cow needs a turnip.  Guess what cow thinks?