Bugged: How Insects Changed History


Two of ML’s friends love science and history.  When I say love history, I mean LOVE history.  When Bugged:  How Insects Changed History by Sarah Albee and illustrated by Robert Leighton arrived at the library, I knew I needed to share it with the world.  Earlier this year, I posted about their book Poop Happened:  A History of the World From the Bottom Up.  It was fascinating.

I flipped through Bugged and already learned a few things.  Can you name nine Presidents who suffered malaria?  Ask Eli and Will after they read this book.  In the meantime, feel sorry for Zachary Taylor whose illnesses included yellow fever, malaria, dysentery and possibly cholera or typhus.  I admit my knowledge about President Taylor is limited to his name.  Anybody know why he contracted so many insect borne illnesses?