ML said, “Will you walk me to my classroom so I can show you the book I like?”

Geronimo StiltonRoom on Broom


Recently, ML told me about a series with mice in it she liked from her classroom library.  My first thought was the classic mouse series from my childhood featuring Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary.  It wasn’t and I was stumped.  Stupid is the only word to describe how I felt when ML showed me, It’s Halloween You ‘Fraidy Mouse, a Geronimo Stilton book.  He’s the main character in the most popular mouse series in publication these days.  I’m most likely to find his books on the cart of books just returned to the library, not the bookshelves.

Tomorrow is ML’s birthday.  On the way to work, I ran into Target thinking surely they will have a Geronimo Stilton book.  They didn’t.  I work until 9 pm tonight, so I can’t get to a bookstore.  ML’s schedule is such I don’t see her on Thursdays.  I couldn’t bear to not see her on her birthday; so her dad’s going to drop her at the house in the morning. I will take her to school; so I can give her a “birthday card.”  Actually, I bought her the book Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.  It’s hard to believe; but a paperback book costs about the same as a fancy card.

The Scholastic Book Fair begins Friday at ML’s school.  I feel certain she will have a chance to buy a Geronimo Stilton book because Scholastic Books publishes the series.  To be on the safe side, I checked out one of the three books from the recently returned bookcart.  As usual, I didn’t find any on the shelf.  The Mystery in Venice will be waiting for ML Friday night after her school’s Fall Festival.




The Little Puddle



There are lots of books about potting training for kids.  I read one or two to ML back in the day.  Most of them are the same story with different pictures.  Yesterday, I read a Pip and Posy book named The Little Puddle with an illustration on the cover of a yellowish puddle.  I thought, “It can’t be what I’m thinking.”  It was.

This book actually fills a hole in potty training books for kids.  None of the ones I remember highlight the embarrassment of wetting your pants in front of a friend.  A great book to remind children and adults potty training doesn’t happen in one day.  Pip is lucky to have Posy… a caring friend who reminds him accidents happen.


The Gruffalo’s Child


A few weeks ago I did a post called The Gruffalo about an international bestseller picture book.  In response to the post I learned about the sequel, The Gruffalo’s Child.  Sequels can be hit or miss, so I didn’t know what to expect.

The Gruffalo’s Child written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated  by Axel Scheffler is as funny and clever as the first Gruffalo book.  ML loved it and I did too.

Read the books in order for a perfect read-aloud experience with your child.

The Gruffalo


What is The Gruffalo?  It sounds like the title of a Dr. Seuss book, but it’s not.  Written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, this book explains the smallest of critters can outsmart the largest and most dangerous of monsters.

I can’t believe I am just now discovering this book.  It was published in Great Britain in 1999 and is translated into 50 languages.  It’s “A Beloved Read-Aloud with 4 Million Copies Sold Worldwide.”  Make that 4 million and one copies sold.

Check out the website for The Gruffalo and peruse information on The Gruffalo short film, The Gruffalo stage adaption, and fun Gruffalo items to purchase.  I really want a Gruffalo Trunki  and the garden clogs.  If only they were my size or ML’s size and available for purchase in the United States…

Also, play the free online games:  Find Your Name, Monster Maker, Jigsaw Puzzle, Foot Print Match.  I can’t wait to tell Ml about all the Gruffalo things I discovered.  I see a movie night in our future.

Most importantly, read the book.  It’s one of ML’s “Read-it-Again” choices.