The Baby Tree and Another Brother

AnotherBrotherBaby Tree

When ML was three she said, “I know I popped out of you, but how did I get in?”  We were in a restaurant, not the most conducive place for explaining how babies are made.  So I did what I do often,  I turned it back to her with a question.  “How do you think?”  She replied, “I think I popped into you.”  Technically she was right.  So I agreed and the conversation ended.

A few weeks ago, she called me to tell me she was getting a new sibling.  Obviously and thankfully, not from me. Yesterday, she stuck out her lips, moped and shuffled her feet while complaining  “It’s going to be another brother.”  Immediately, I thought of one of my favorite picture books from 2012, Another Brother by Matthew Cordell.  I posted about it last July when ML”s friend’s second brother arrived.  I’m bringing it home tonight.

Today, a new book arrived at the library called The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall.  Looking at the cover, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Truthfully, the cover freaked me out a little.  But it’s one of my favorite author/illustrators;  so I withheld judgement.  This is a case where you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  A young boy learns a new baby is coming.  He begins questioning people on where babies come from and receives a variety of answers.  ML’s seven and it’s time she learned how babies are made.  This book will provide a perfect segway into the conversation.

Any advice or stories of your experience explaining where babies come from to children?

Another Brother for Ava


One of ML’s friends just had a sibling born. When, I told ML she said, “Another brother?” Ava already had one. Her comment reminded me of a funny book published last year.

In Another Brother by Matthew Cordell, Davey the sheep is jealous of his new brother. Then he gets another brother. . .then another. . . and another. . . Until he has 12 brothers.

For some reason, I don’t think Carolyn is planning on having ten more brothers for Ava.