Short and To The Point – The Farmer’s Away! BAA! NEIGH!

Farmer's Away

The Summer Reading Program started at my library on June 1st, which means life is super busy.  So you will see lots of super short and too the point postings throughout the summer.

The Farmer’s Away!  BAA!  NEIGH! by Anne Vittur Kennedy is the perfect book to start these short posts.  The text of the book is animal sounds only.  Even with the “foreign” language, there is a strong narrative ML loved.  Hilarious doesn’t begin to describe the illustrations.  Farm animals floating down the stream in fancy inner tubes.  Snakes, bees, a dog, a duck, and a bird sneak off to the roller coaster.  Other animals put on a fancy water skiing show.  There’s even a blimp ride before a fancy soiree.  The animals aren’t caught by the farmer in their revelry.  Why?  A good watch dog, of course.

This is not your typical animal sound book written for young children.  It appeals to a  sophisticated first grade reader I know.