Halloween Books – New and Old

I love Halloween picture books.  Most aren’t very scary.  Instead, they’re funny scary.  Below are my favorites published this year; and my all-time favorite.

Sweetest Witch

The Sweetest Witch Around by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Harry Bliss – “On Halloween, a little witch and her baby sister study humans and their mysterious ways.”  Notice the Easy-Bake Cauldron and the Graveyard Barbie in the illustrations.  Other funny details are interspersed throughout the book.


Not Very Scary


Not Very Scary by Carol Brendler and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli – “On Halloween, Melly is invited to Cousin Malberta’s home for a surprise, but as she walks there on a beautifully spooky evening, she is followed by increasing numbers of creatures that may actually be frightening.”  They aren’t very frightening.  Notice the smiling skeleton, ghost, mummy, monster and more on the cover.

Shivery Shades

Shivery Shades of Halloween:  A Spooky Book of Colors by Mary McKenna Siddals and illustrated by Jimmy Pickering – “Introduces colors to young readers, in spooky scenes with rhyming text featuring a little monster on a Halloween adventure.”  A unique book featuring a subject I’m asked for often… colors.  When Halloween is over, I’ll still recommend this book to those looking for books about colors.

Tricks and Treats

Dog and Bear: Tricks and Treats by Laura Vaccaro Seeger – This book is comprised of three hilarious Halloween themed stories.  Each story includes a funny twist.


Little Old Lady

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams and illustrated by Megan Lloyd – “A little old lady who is not afraid of anything must deal with a pumpkin head, tall black hat and other spooky objects that follow her through the dark woods trying to scare her.”  This is a classic.  I read it at every story time the week of Halloween.  Preschoolers clomp, wiggle, nod, and clap along.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


For several years, I lived so close to the Krispy Kreme, I could smell the doughnuts while they baked. . . I mean fried. I didn’t darken the door; knowing one visit would be my demise.

Fast forward a few years. . . ML was three-years-old. My friend and I took our children for a bedtime snack at 9:00 p.m. ML was dressed in footie pajamas and a Krispy Kreme hat. At this location, you can watch the donuts being made. We did for a bit. Until the kids started running around on their sugar high.

Just this week the same friend was cursing the “Hot Now” sign. I laughed when The Case of the Missing Donut by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Isabel Roxas arrived at the library the next day. The sheriff and his deputy are in charge of bringing home a dozen doughnuts safely. They don’t and it shows.

We need a reprise of a doughnut bedtime snack with friends at Krispy Kreme. This time, I’ll bring The Case of the Missing Donut to read.

Who wants to join in the fun? I know Calvin’s mom is in.

P.S. If you noticed doughnut is spelled 2 different ways in this post, check out the author’s blog for the reason. I know Brandy and Amy noticed it.