123 versus ABC

ML learned her ABC’s at a young age. When the book 123 versus ABC by Mike Boldt arrived, I knew I would read it. I read all the picture books the library receives. But I didn’t expect to take it home. And I didn’t expect ML to enjoy it like she did.

It’s a perfect book for preschoolers and elementary-aged children. For preschoolers, it’s an opportunity to see letters and numbers visually. For first, second and third graders, it’s just plain funny. ML knows we return books to the library for others to enjoy. She’s not ready to give this one up. Sometimes I sneak library books out the door when she’s not looking. This one I’ll hide at the bottom of my library book bag and place in the car while she is asleep.

I don’t want to spoil the ending but . . . what would happen if colors joined the fray?