Birth of the Cool: How Jazz Great Miles Davis Found His Sound


I love illustrated biographies.  When I saw Birth of The Cool:  How Jazz Great Miles Davis Found His Sound by Kathleen Cornell Berman and illustrated by Keith Henry Brown on the shelf, I had to read it.  It wasn’t until my late twenties before I was properly introduced to the music of Miles Davis.  It was love from the start.  Whenever I think of my years living in Charleston, South Carolina, his music and Porgy and Bess by George Gerswhin are the soundtracks in my head.

I listened to the album Kind of Blue while reading Birth of The Cool:  How Jazz Great Miles Davis Found His Sound , which was a perfect compliment to the pen, ink and watercolor illustrations.  Afterward I realized I need to make a Booklist/Playlist for all the amazing illustrated biographies of musicians published the past few years.  Tomorrow, I’ll start creating the list.  But for today, request Birth of the Cool and listen to some Miles Davis on Spotify while you wait for it arrive.

***Many libraries are still closed to non-staff members entering the building, but they have services where you can request books and set an appointment time to pick up your books safely.

I’m not sure how online school will be set up for visual arts and music.  I fear it may receive little attention as arts programs in schools are already underfunded.  I was excited to see a Classroom Guide for Birth of the Cool.  Students, teachers and parent will all benefit from the information and activities in the guide.

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