Cat Dog Dog

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My last post was March 20th.  Soon after I started teleworking.  Today, I returned to the library to help with the Books to Go service.  There was a stack of picture books waiting for me.  I jumped right in.  Cat Dog Dog written by Nelly Buchet and Andrea Zuill was my favorite.  I laughed out loud at the end.

While teleworking, the dog we rescued last Labor Day came out of her shell.  For the first time ever, Frances played with her toys.  She barked for the first time.  Her “tail between her legs”  stance disappeared when she was around others.  It took a few weeks for her to run into the backyard without me.  Now she races out the door and does laps around the yard.  She even found a friend.  She and the dog next door meet at the fence in the evenings to play and kiss.

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