Diary of a Wimpy Kid + You Wouldn’t Want To = Julius Zebra

Julius Zebra

There’s a new series in town just in time for the summer rush.  It makes me think of Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets You Wouldn’t Want To.  If you don’t know who Diary of a Wimpy Kid is, you’ve been hiding under a rock since 2007.  If you’re not familiar with the You Wouldn’t Want To series I’ll cut you a little slack.  You can learn more about it on my blog post  Books for Boys – You Wouldn’t Want To.

“What happens when you you mix the gladiatorial combat of ancient Rome with a fast-talking creature who is DEFINITELY NOT A STRIPY HORSE?” (Candlewick Press webpage)

The answer is Julius Zebra, the coolest zebra to enter children’s literature.  I read a portion of the first book a few weeks ago.  Until, a mother was looking for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.  There were none on the shelf so I added her name to the request list.  In the meantime, I encouraged her to take home Julius Zebra:  Rumble With The Romans by Gary Northfield.

So far it appears the second book Julius Zebra: Bundle With the Britons is only available for Kindle.  I hope paper copies land at the library before school ends on June 9th.


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