Mock Newbery Awards 2016

The lay people are speaking.  A few I know personally.  Mock Newbery Award winners have been announced all over the internet.  Tomorrow the official winners are announced.  In October, I posted a Mock Newbery invitation.  One family has taken the challenge very seriously.  Their winner’s are

Fifth Grade Boy

War That Saved My Life

Third Grade Girl

All the Answers

Mom in Her Early Forties

War That Saved My Life

ML’s Choice

Circus Mirandus

I had great intentions of reading all the books on my Mock Newbery List.  It didn’t happen.  Some of them I read a few chapters, decided they weren’t going to replace my current favorites so I moved onto another book on the list.  I’m on chapter two of The War That Saved My Life.  Based on the results above and what I’ve seen online, I need to read it quick.  I have a feeling people will be hearing about the book and start requesting it tomorrow.

Off to read.  I’ll post my choice in the morning.

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