The Knights Before Christmas

Knights Before Christmas

It’s a little over a week before Christmas and due to some home renovations, we can’t access our ornaments, stockings, or Christmas books.  Luckily, we received a galley of The Knights Before Christmas by Joan Holub and illustrated by Scott Magoon this summer.  It’s been hanging out in my office (dining room table) for months.  This year it’s going to serve as our Christmas tree.  With my bed on the floor in the living room and everything in my closet in the dining room, there isn’t any space for a tree.  So I’ll place this book on my nightstand and put our presents underneath.  If you’re looking for a great book, especially for preschool and early elementary aged children, The Knights Before Christmas should go under your tree.

In years past, I’ve written a few posts about Christmas books.  I hope you take the time to enjoy some of these this Christmas.

Christmas Books – One to Twenty-Four

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