Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Special Delivery by Philip Stead and illustrated by Matthew Cordell is a delightful picture book about Sadie and her attempt to send an elephant to her Great-Aunt Josephine.  The journey is filled with adventure, help from others, a great big hug and a letter of thanks.  I can’t look at it without thinking about last weekend.

We visited one of my favorite places in the world. . . the farm where my dad grew up.  To get there we took an airplane, spent the night in Atlanta with cousins.  Saturday morning, we loaded up the minivan and rode for an hour on the interstate and two hours along curvy state highways. Eventually, we turned left on a dirt road.  At the first gate on the right, we stopped and opened the gate to a smaller dirt road.  We followed this road through the fields and around a curve.  Finally, arriving at ML’s Great Aunt and Great Uncle’s pond house.


I thought about writing a thank you letter to my Aunt and Uncle.  Instead, I decided to post a thank you because my Aunt follows this blog.

Dear Aunt Alice and Uncle Marion,

Thank you for providing the ideal location for a weekend ML will never forget.  From catching her first fish on a cane pole, learning to use a rod and reel, gathering flowers in the woods, making flower fairy crowns, climbing the combine and tractors, teaching family to play Apples to Apples, sleeping in a “haunted” house,  and so much more.

We appreciate you letting us host a pizza party for 10 kids and 11 adults.  I’m already cherishing the memory of ML enjoying laid back time with family on the same farm I visited as a child.

I anticipate ML will ask every year, “Remember the time we had the Easter egg hunt where the rooster on the front porch laid an egg?”  Speaking of Easter.  Is it too soon to make a reservation for next year?

We Love You!

Kerri and ML

Pond_FishingPond_FishPond_FlowersPond_Dirt RoadPond_RoosterPond_Easter Egg

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