I Can’t Keep Up – Fantastic Picture Books We’ve Read in 2015

Goodnight AlreadyBear Ate SandwichViolin for ElvaCastle Full of Cats

Goodnight Already by Jory John and illustrated by Benji Davies – I read this to my five-year-old nephew.  He loved the illustrations.  At the page spread without words he howled.  The text cracked him up too.  “Wanna play some cards?  Watch a movie?  Start a band?  Make smoothies?”

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach – Other than a lettuce leaf, a sandwich has disappeared.  Was it the bear or someone else?  ML thinks the bear.  I’m not convinced.  We’re curious to hear what you think.

A Violin for Eva by Mary Lyn Ray and illustrated by Tricia Tusa –  When Elva was young, she wanted a violin more than anything; but her parents didn’t know her dream.  As she grew older, she still had the dream but felt she was too busy.  Then, too old.  Until, one day…

A Castle Full of Cats by Ruth Sanderson – ML thinks this book is exquisite.  The detailed illustrations of dozens of cats, the castle, the queen and the king enchant.

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