Worst in Show

Worst in Show

Worst in Show by William Bee by Kate Hindley – “It’s time for the Best Monster in the World Competition, and Albert can’t wait to enter his very own monster, Sidney, in the contest! Albert is absolutely sure that his pet is a winner. But, as monsters go, is sweet, well-behaved Sidney really the smelliest, dirtiest, most parasite-ridden monster of all?” (from Candlewick Press website)

Why should you read this book?
It’s “fartastic!”  My friend’s four-year-old son loves it and insisted they read it the past three nights.  Trust me, your child will be filled with glee hearing you read the words “Hairiest warts, smelliest fart, fartometer and Fartbuster 2000.”

Add an hour to bedtime stories the night you read this book.  You’ll need the extra time to delight in the silly illustrations.  ML enjoyed finding which judge fainted each round of the competition.

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