King Thrushbeard

King Thrushbeard

The first thing ML said when saw saw the cover of King Trushbeard by The Brothers Grimm and illustrated by Irina Dobrescu was, “Wow!  That’s a big dress!”  Neither of us was familiar with the fairy tale.

“When a beautiful but conceited princess cruelly turns down each of her suitors, her father, the king, forces her to marry a beggar. But a life of hard work and love soon teaches the princess a valuable lesson, and her hardness gives way to kindness and compassion. And through loving eyes, the princess is surprised to see who her husband really is.” (from book jacket)

Why should you read this book?
It’s an opportunity to read a little known tale from the Brothers Grimm. Plus, the book tells an important message without being preachy.  Filled with whimsical illustrations. . .  one can’t help but laugh at the artwork accompanying the princess’s quote, “Oh, goodness!  What a small house; to whom does this miserable hovel belong?”  While writing this post, I noticed many details we missed.  We’ll read this one again soon.

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