The Blog – A Few Changes in 2015

ML doesn’t know about the blog.  She’s reaching the age if she finds out I consistently write about the funny things she does and says, she’s likely to be mad.  Therefore,  I’m changing the blog a bit for 2015.

Picture Books –  They were my first love and still are.  It makes me happy ML still enjoys them.  In most of my posts, I’ve tried to tell a story about ML’s life which relates to the book.  I’ll continue to do it from time to time.  However, the format I’ve used this December will be used for a majority of the posts.  I’ll quote a synopsis from the publishers page.  Then, provide commentary on “Why Should You Read This Book?”

Chapter Books –  My job responsibilities are changing January, 2016.  My main focus will be elementary-aged children.  In preparation, I need to read more chapter books.  I hope to write about at least one chapter book a month.

Nonfiction Books – When one arrives which is excellent, I will write a post in similar structure to the picture books.

Young Adult Books – I plan to read two.  The one which wins the 2015 Printz award and one that grabs my eye when it arrives.

Guest Posts – I am going to recruit my coworkers, their children and ML’s bookclub to write about their favorite books.  I’ll provide a form similar to the book review ML’s teacher sends home.  Then, I will type the featured reader’s response.  Grammar and spelling will not be changed.

Happy New Year!

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