Christmas is Coming – What Should You Expect?


A Confession
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I did something I’m against.  We purchased and decorated our Christmas tree.  Looking at ML’s days in December with me, it was the best time to trim our tree without having to rush or stay up late on a school night.

I could have waited until Black Friday; but I’m against purchasing anything on the day after Thanksgiving.  Too many years spent working in the retail world.

ML, her friend and I found the perfect tree to fit inside a 957 square foot house.  With the help of a neighbor, it’s secure and straight.  As I fought with the tree, I remembered the guy next door said if I ever needed help with anything to ask.  It only took 3 minutes to accomplish what I spent the previous hour trying to do.  Next year, I won’t be as stubborn.  Four hands are better than two to achieve a straight, topple-proof tree.  ML and her friend decorated the tree beautifully.

What will I do with the blog at this busy time of year?
With many great picture books published this year, I haven’t shared all the books on the blog I intended. Starting December 1st, I’ll countdown to Christmas by highlighting 24 picture books published in 2014.  The descriptions will be quotes from the publisher’s website.  Then, two to three sentences on why you should read the book.

Also, a few parents and grandparents requested customized reading lists particularly for boys who don’t like to read.  I’m in the process of creating these.  It will only include descriptions of the books from publishers websites.  No added commentary from me.  So you’ll see posts twice a day a few times this December.

The book pictured above.
I couldn’t write a post without sharing a book.  My favorite Christmas book was given to me by my aunt and uncle when I was five years old… Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree by Robert Barry   It was the Weekly Reader version and I still have it.  The illustrations are black and white.  Released again in 2000 with color added to the illustrations. I couldn’t resist another copy.  ML prefers the newer copy, but I’m attached to my childhood version.

Looking for Christmas picture books to read?
Read my post from last year… Christmas Books – One to Twenty-four.


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