Pirate, Viking & Scientist and The Science Fair

Pirate Viking

This morning, ML’s teacher left a message on my voicemail, “The form to describe science fair projects was due today.  ML really wants to do it.”  I called the school.  Thankfully, her school is flexible.  Ms Reid said ML can return it Monday.  ML and her Dad work on her science fair project each year.  They’ll have a chance to choose and write about her project this weekend.

In the meantime, the perfect picture book arrived this week for us to read to learn more about the scientific method.  Pirate, Viking & Scientist by Jared Chapman is entertaining, educational and includes some gut busting illustrations.

Pirate is friends with Scientist.
Scientist is friends with Viking.
Pirate and Viking are NOT Friends.

Scientist forms a HYPOTHESIS,
Conducts an EXPERIMENT
Observes his RESULTS
and TESTS his subjects over and over…
until he DISCOVERS
the perfect FORMULA for friendship!

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