A Good Yarn


We all know people with the gift of storytelling.  But finding someone who can write a good yarn and illustrate the story is harder to discover.  We opened two books last week which fit this bill.

In Sebastian and the Balloon by Philip C. Stead, Sebastian gathers all the things he may need.  Then, boards a hot air balloon he built using his Grandma’s quilts and afghans.  Along his journey, he meets new friends.  Through a series of funny events, these friends work together to create an even more impressive ride.  Philip Stead’s illustrations always enchant.  This time he uses pastels, oil paint and pressed charcoal to create an exciting and loopy ride.

You are lucky, because I am not going to tell you anything about Lucky by David Mackintosh.  It’s best read without preconceived notions.  Plus, it’s too hard to describe the illustrations.  ML and I poured over each page several times discovering something new every time.

If you’re tired of the same old plots and illustrations,  these books should not be missed.  Fresh stories.  Excellent illustrations.

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