Red Hats

Very Little RedRed Knit Cap Girl

Women of a “certain age” embrace red hats.  So does children’s literature.  Recently, we read two stellar books featuring girls with red on their heads.

Usually, ML won’t read picture books to me.  I’m the designated reader.  However, ML and her friends are going through a baby talk stage; so it wasn’t hard to convince ML to read Very Little Red Riding Hood by Heapy & Heap aloud.  In this rendition, Red is a toddler who outsmarts the wolf the way all young children outsmart their elders… by tiring him out.

ML and I enjoyed the first two Red Knit Cap Girl books by Naoko Stoop this summer.  When I realized a new title was being published in September, I decided to wait to introduce you to to this adorable character.  I’m glad I waited.  The third book, Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree, is our favorite.  Two things we love in one title… reading and trees.  In this book, Red Knit Cap Girl, White Bunny, Squirrel, Bear, Hedgehog, Birds, Beaver, Deer, Turtle and other animals of the forest contribute their skills to build this “Woodland Library.”  Just like the real world… libraries are built by communities.

The illustrations in the Red Knit Cap Girl books are created using acrylic, ink and pencil on plywood.  The grain of the wood adds a surprise element and depth to the illustrations.  I’ve acquired a piece of plywood.  We’re trying this art technique next weekend.

What are your favorite books featuring red hatted characters?


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