Colors Versus Shapes – Earns Gold Star

Colors vs Shapes

A little over a year ago, I highlighted 123 Versus ABC by Mike Boldt stating… “I don’t want to spoil the ending but . . . what would happen if colors joined the fray?”

I often email authors and illustrators my posts about their books.  Many respond.  Here’s what Mike Boldt had to say.  “And just because you liked the ending, I’ll share this top secret piece of not-even-approved-yet part of what may-or-may-not be for a sequel book about Colors and their rivals that rhyme with apes.”

Thankfully, the sequel referred to in the message was published. Colors Versus Shapes earned a gold star from ML and myself.  This book ends with a fabulous last page too.

Currently, ML tries to determine how the illustrations are created for each book we read. The pictures in this book were created digitally using Corel Paint.  I tried to explain digital design; but my knowledge is limited.  Thankfully, Mike Boldt gives a demo on one of his blog posts… Swamp.



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